raul book 2A book called "Possible" was presented yesterday in Tallinn, Estonia. The story is about how Gerd Kanter became the World and the Olympic Champion and achieved 10 championship medals. The book is written by Raul Rebane, the man who built the team around Gerd in the early years of his career.

This innovative and unconventional sports project brought together a lot of experts from many countries and various specialties. The book includes many topics such as talent, team, relationship, nutrition, failure and physical education. An exceptional approach is explained about the theory of an athlete´s public relations and image.

The former coach of Gerd Kanter, Vésteinn Hafsteinsson (2000-2012) helped Gerd to develop systematically and steadily. With help from many experts from different countries, Gerd´s personal best improved from 57m to 73.38m. Hafsteinsson said in 2002 "The mind and the body can do much more than is believed". Under his guidance, maximum goals were set and achieved.

In 2010, Raul Rebane won the European Athletics Innovation Awards top prize for his project entitled “The Social Role of an Athlete”.

The book is in Estonian, however translations to other languages are possible.

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