Fedrick Dacres 2017

Today started the Diamond Race 2018 for men discus at the Rome Olympic Stadium - meet started strong from the first round, where Fedrick Dacres thre 66.59m and Andrius Gudzius 68.17m. Dacres responded in the 2nd round with 68.51m and that was enough for the win. Both Gudzius and Dacres had few throws over 67m in the series as well.

They were followed by Ehsan Hadadi 65.93m, Daniel Stahl 64.84m, Robert Harting 64.64m, Mason Finley 64.1m, Lukas Weisshaidinger 64.16m and Robert Urbanek 64.10m. Olympic silver Piotr Malachowski was left in 9th position with SB 63.95m.

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