Daniel Stahl Oslo 68.06m
Swedish National Championships were held this weekend and World Championships Silver meddalist Daniel Stahl won the title with 67.80m. Second was Simon Pettersson with lifetime second best result ever 64.84m.

ISTAF meet in Berlin was held on 27th August and Piotr Malachowski won the high-level meet with 67.18m. Second was Philip Milanov 66.90m, followed by world champion Andrius Gudzius 66.60m and bronze meddalist Mason Finley 65.25m.

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Best throws in 2018

1 Andrus Gudzius 69.13
2 Lukas Weisshaidinger 68.98
3 Ehsan Hadadi 68.85
4 Fedrick Dacres 68.20
5 Daniel Stahl 68.03
6 Traves Smikle 67.72
7 Christoph Harting 67.59
8 Martin Wierig 66.98
9 Sam Mattis 66.29
10 David Wrobel 65.98


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