Andrijus Gudzius

World Championships final was held in London today. It was a very high-level meet and discs very flying far already in the first round, when Mason Finley opened up with a lifetime best of 67.05m and Andrius Gudzius with 67.52m. It was followed by Daniel Stahl 69.19m in the 2nd round and Gudzius answered with 69.21m. Mason Finley had 68.03m also in 2nd round. Just an amazing final!
Fedrick Dacres was 4th with 65.83m, followed by Piotr Malachowski 65.24m, Robert Harting 65.10m, Robert Urbanek 64.15m and Traves Smikle 64.04m.



Best throws in 2017

1 Daniel Stahl 71.29
2 Andrius Gudzius 69.21
Fedrick Dacres
4 Mason Finley 68.03
5 Piotr Malachowski 67.68
6 Philip Milanov 67.05
7 Robert Urbanek 66.73
8 Lois M Martinez 66.67
9 Andrew Evans 66.61
10 L Wesshaidinger 66.52


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