Zoltan Kovago-2 - Berlin WCH Day 5Zoltan Kövago competed on 17th June in Szombathely Hungary and won the meet with 67.39m. This result gives him 3rd position at the world season list.

Another great result is coming from the States - Jared Schuurmans threw a new personal best 66.10m in Claremont CA.

Kanter Sule 2015Gerd Kanter competed today in Tartu Estonia at Gustav Sule Memorial. He achieved new seasonal best on fifth round 63.27m.

Second was Daniel Stahl 61.23m, third Andrius Gudzius 60.99, fourth Märt Israel 60.07m and fifth Martin Kupper 60.03m.

Gerd Kanter 63.27m
Daniel Stahl 61.23m

Jason-MorganJamaican Jason Morgan competed this weekend at Classic Pealr meet in USA and won with a new world lead and a Jamaican Record of 68.19m.

Jason improved his seasonal best by over 4 and half meters and his previous personal best over a meter (from season 2012, 67.15m).

Malachowski3Piotri Malachowski got another win last night in Eugene Diamond League with a last round throw of 65.59m. Second was again Robert Urbanek with a new SB 65.42m and third Vikas Gowda 64.41m.

They were followed by 2 Estonian - Martin Kupper 63.35m and Gerd Kanter 62.99m. Ehsan Hadadi was 6th with 61.67m, Jared Schuurmans 59.92m and Martin Wierig 59.60m.

Malachowski 2Piotr Malachowski won today Ludvik Danek Memorial in Turnow with 64.59m. He was followed by Martin Wierig 64.51m and Gerd Kanter 63.14m.

malachowski 14Diamond Race 2015 started this weekend in Shanghai and Poland ruled the field - Piotr Malachowski won with 64.65m and Robert Urbanek was second with 64.47m. They were followed by Vikas Gowda 63.90m, Martin Kupper 63.07m, Jason Morgan 62.26m, Andrius Gudzius 61.89m, Apostolis Parellis 61.77m, Erik Cadee 61.25m, Gerd Kanter 60.71m and Victor Hogan 60.01m.



Best throws in 2017

1 Daniel Stahl 71.29
2 Andrius Gudzius 69.21
Fedrick Dacres
4 Mason Finley 68.03
5 Piotr Malachowski 67.68
6 Philip Milanov 67.05
7 Robert Urbanek 66.73
8 Lois M Martinez 66.67
9 Andrew Evans 66.61
10 L Wesshaidinger 66.52


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