Sam Mattis

Young American discus thrower Sam Mattis took the world lead with an amazing 67.45m. At Philadelphia College Classic, Sam had an amazing series - 67.45, 63.28, x, x, 66.51 and 67.21.

His previous PB was 62.48m from season 2015. That means he improved PB 4m and 97cm. It is a rare occiasion on that high level to improve so many meters. Only 7 discus throwers in the history have improved their PB more 5m during a competition. For example, Mike Hoffman improved his PB from 58.70m to 65.84m in 1971 in Lancaster California (7.14m improvement).

Check Sam Mattis 67.45m video from here.

Thank you Priit Tänava for interesting statistics.


ISTAF Indoor competition was held last Saturday in Berlin and Olympic Champion Robert Harting finally did his comeback. He won the meet with a last round throw of 64.81m, beating his younger brother Christoph, who achieved 64.34m.

They were followed by Philip Milanov 64.16m and Fedrick Dacres 63.40m, both men achieved their national records indoors. Video from the meet.

Congratulations to Robert and it is good to see you back in the ring!


Estonian Athletic Federation hosted last Friday their annual end of year gala. Best male and female athletes were chosen and Gerd Kanter achieved his 8th title in this category. Best female athlete was hepathlete Grit Šadeiko.

Check out all nominees from Estonian Athletics federation homepage


Zoltan Kovago-2 - Berlin WCH Day 5

World Military Games are being held in Mungyeong, South-Korea at the moment and men discus final was held today. Zoltan Kövago won the title with impressive 66.01m throw, he also had 65.47m in 5th round. Piotr Malachowski won silver with 62.12m and Mahmoud Samimi bronze with 60.97m.

Martin Kupper was 4th 60.92m, David Wrobel 5th 60.02m.

All results from here


Aleksander Tammert competed yesterday in Tallinn and he won the meet with 60.93m throw.

That is an impressive result, as this is 21st season in a row for Tammert to throw over 60m. This result gives him 4-5th position all time, as Ferenc Tégla has also thrown 21 seasons over 60m (1968-1988). Svein Inge Valvik (1977-2000) and Jürgen Schult (1980-2002) have thrown 23 seasons over 60m and Virgilijus Alekna is leading this chart with 24 seasons over 60m (1992-2015).

For example some active throwers - Zoltan Kövago, Casey Malone, Yennifer Frank Casañas and Mario Pestano have thrown 17 seasons over 60m, Jason Tunks and Roland Varga 16 seasons and Ercüment Olgundeniz and Gerd Kanter 15 seasons.


Estonian discus throwers Martin Kupper and Gerd Kanter had a busy weekend competing on two meets in Türi and Tõrva, Estonia.

Martin Kupper won both meets, achieving 63.78m in Tõrva on 19th September meet and 64.86m in Tõrva on 20th. Gerd Kanter threw 62.24m in Türi and 62.93m in Tõrva.



Best throws in 2017

1 Daniel Stahl 71.29
2 Andrius Gudzius 69.21
Fedrick Dacres
4 Mason Finley 68.03
5 Philip Milanov 67.05
6 Robert Urbanek 66.73
7 Lois M Martinez 66.67
8 Andrew Evans 66.61
9 L Wesshaidinger 66.52


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