Rio 2016 men discus qualification was held today and Piotr Malachowski won it with 65.89m. Only 2 athletes surpassed the automatic qualification line of 65.50 - besides Malachowski it was Lukas Weissheidinger 65.86m.

They were followed by Christoph Harting 65.41m, Andrius Gudzius 65.41m, Gerd Kanter 64.02m, Mason Finley 63.68, Axwl Härstedt 63.58m, Apostolos Parelis 63.35m, Zoltan Kövago 63.34m, Martin Kupper 62.92m, Daniel Jasinski 62.89m and Philip Milanov 62.86m.

Final will be held tomorrow.

Zoltan Kovago-2 - Berlin WCH Day 5

Gyulai István Memorial was held in Hungary yesterday and some great results were achieved there. Zoltan Kövago won with SB 67.13 and young Swedish thrower Daniel Stahl got second with a new Personal Best of 66.92m.

They were followed by Markus Münch 63.80m, Mauricio Ortega 63.77m, Gerd Kanter 63.44m, Rodney Brown 62.78m, Martin Kupper 62.27m and Janos Huszak 62.12m.


European Championships final was held today in Amsterdam. Piotr Malachowski took the title with 67.06m.

Young Belgian thrower Philip Milanov took silver with 65.71m and third was the legendary Gerd Kanter with 65.27m. And that was 11th championships medal for Gerd Kanter - surpassing another legend Virgilijus Alekna in this list, who has 10 championships medals.

4th was Christoph Harting 65.13m, 5th Daniel Stahl 64.77m, 6th Zoltan Kövago 64.66m, 7th Martin Kupper 63.55m and 8th Daniel Jasinski 63.35m.



There were quite a lot National Championships held in Europe during last weekend. And again, the best result was acheved by Piotr Malachowski, who won the Polish title with 68.10m. But it was not Robert Urbanek, who was second - huge surprise, but young Bartłomiej Stoj was silver medal with new PB 65.64m and Urbanek third with 64.38m.

Philip Milanov won Belgium Nationals with 62.03m

Robert Harting 2

Reigning Olympic Champion Robert Harting showed today, that he is back in the big game, winning German national title with 68.04m. This result gives him 3rd position at current world season list. Second was Christoph Harting 66.41m and third Daniel Jasinski 65.18m. That means the German team is locked for Rio, leaving Martin Wierig out from the team, as he achieved 64.51m and 4th position. Video from German Championships.

Martin Kupper competed yesterday in Tallinn Estonia and achieved a new SB 66.61m and also qualified for Rio.

Piotr Malachowski won a meet in Szczecin Poland with 66.56m, he was followed by Robert Urbanek 65.56m, Mauricio Ortega 65.06m and Gerd Kanter 62.28m.


Piotr Malachowski has performed better than any thrower this season - consistantly over 66-67m. And yesterday he took another win at Birmingham Diamond League with 67.50m throw.

Second was Robert Harting, who threw 65.97m, who also qualified for Rio, he was followed by Robert Urbanek 64.12m, Philip Milanov 63.75m, Rodney Brown 63.50m, Benn Harradine 62.10m, Daniel Stahl 61.93m, Zoltan Kövago 61.16m.

Video from the meet



Best throws in 2017

1 Daniel Stahl 71.29
2 Andrius Gudzius 69.21
Fedrick Dacres
4 Mason Finley 68.03
5 Piotr Malachowski 67.68
6 Philip Milanov 67.05
7 Robert Urbanek 66.73
8 Lois M Martinez 66.67
9 Andrew Evans 66.61
10 L Wesshaidinger 66.52


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