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Robert Harting (66.62m), Piotr Malachowski (66.00m) and Gerd Kanter (65.54m) were the only discus throwers today in Moscow to reach the qualification mark of 65.00m.


Tomorrow men discus throwers will start their qualification competition in 2 groups. 30 competitors are in the start list and to qualify to the final, they have to throw 65.00m (or 12 best performers)

Moscow throwing venue 6

Gerd Kanter had a chance today to visit World Championships throwing Venue at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. Here are some photos from the stadium.


Former coach of Gerd Kanter, Uno Ojand is celebrating his 60th birthday today. Uno is a former shot putter, achieving Soviet Union youth record in 1970. Kanter and Ojand cooperation started in 2000.

emv13 5

Gerd Kanter won his 9th Estonian Championships title today in Tallinn, when he threw 65.99m in the 4th round.

Malachowski 2

Piotr Malachowski won the Diamond League meet in London with a 3rd round 67.35m. Martin Wierig and Estonian Gerd Kanter were really close. They achieved 66.60m and 66.29m.

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Best throws in 2018

1 Daniel Stahl 69.72
2 Fedrick Dacres 69.67
3 Andrus Gudzius 69.59
4 Lukas Weisshaidinger 68.98
5 Ehsan Hadadi 68.85
6 Reggie Jaggers 68.61
7 Traves Smikle 67.72
8 Christoph Harting 67.59
9 Mason Finley 67.06
10 Martin Wierig 66.98


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