Fedrick Dacres 2017

UPDATE: Fedrick Dacres result 69.83m was cancelled due to that discus was weighed just  1g less than 2kg. That means the result is cancelled.

Jamaican Fedrick Dacres competed yesterday at King of the Ring meet in Kingston and won the meet with an amazing new National Record and PB 69.83m. Dacres has had already a great start for the season with meets in January - 68.08m and 66.90m. And now at this meet he added almost a meter to his previous PB set in 2017 (68.88m).

With this result, Dacres becomes only 4th athlete, who has thrown over 69m at age 23 or earlier - Georgiy Kolnootchenko 69.44m (03.07.1982), Ehsan Hadadi 69.12 (in 2008) and 69.16m Yuriy Dumchev in 1982.


Gerd Kanter started the season with a win at a legendary Wiesbaden meet with 65.87. Unfortunately he got a serious injury from that meet and kept him away from throwing over 2 months. Gerd slowly returned to the ring having few meets on 61-62m before World Championships.

World Championships were held in London and Gerd did something spectacular in the qualification - he threw 63.61m and that quaranteed him 15th consecutive final spot at major championships since 2005!!!

Gerd was 12th at the final but got pretty good throws after London - 64.56m at Skolimowska Memorial and 63.69m at Pärnu throwing meet.
All together Gerd had 11 meets this season and he continued his over 60m meets results in a meet series. As today, Gerd has thrown over 60m in 319 meets in a row (it started 20th August 2002). Gerd is ranked as no 12 at World Season list 2017.

Andrijus Gudzius
Diamond League final was held today in Brussels and it was a very hig-level meet, as 8th position was 63.96m. Gudzius won the meet wth 68.16m, second was Fedrick Dacres 66.31m and third Piotr Malachowski 65.73m.

They were followed by Philip Milanov 64.76m, Christoph Harting 64.55m, Robert Urbanek 64.20m, Daniel Stahl 64.18m and Robert Harting 63.96m.

Daniel Stahl Oslo 68.06m
Swedish National Championships were held this weekend and World Championships Silver meddalist Daniel Stahl won the title with 67.80m. Second was Simon Pettersson with lifetime second best result ever 64.84m.

ISTAF meet in Berlin was held on 27th August and Piotr Malachowski won the high-level meet with 67.18m. Second was Philip Milanov 66.90m, followed by world champion Andrius Gudzius 66.60m and bronze meddalist Mason Finley 65.25m.

High level discus meet was held today in Pärnu, Estonia. Philip Milanov won the meet with his first round 64.34m. Second was Martin Wierig with 63.77m and he was follosed by Gerd Kanter 63.69m and Simon Pettersson 62.78m.

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Kamila Skolimowska Memorial was held today in Warsaw Poland. Robert Harting won the meet with 66.05m, Piotr Malachowski achieved 65.49m and third was Estonian Gerd Kanter with 64.56m.

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Best throws in 2018

1 Fedrick Dacres 69.67
2 Andrus Gudzius 69.59
3 Daniel Stahl 69.11
4 Lukas Weisshaidinger 68.98
5 Ehsan Hadadi 68.85
6 Reggie Jaggers 68.61
7 Traves Smikle 67.72
8 Christoph Harting 67.59
9 Mason Finley 67.06
10 Martin Wierig 66.98


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