Daniel Stahl2016

Daniel Ståhl competed today in Salinas California at Hartnell Spring Fling Throwers Meet and ended up with his lifetime 2nd best result of 68.36m. Daniel also had 67.02m in 4th round and 66.33m in 6th. 68.36m gives Daniel 2nd position at the world season list after Fedrick dacres 68.88m.

F. Dacres 1

OTC throwing meet was held today in Chula Vista, California and world leader Fedrick Dacres won the meet with a first round 67.30m. Dacres also had 67.02m on the 5th round.

Second was Andrew Evans with 66.61m, third Jared Schuurmans 62.39m and they were followed by Sam Mattis 62.36m, Benn Harradine 61.06m, Mario Cota 60.96m, Erik Cadee 60.36m and Ronald Juliao 58.16m.

Video of Fedrick 67.30m here

Andrijus Gudzius

Andrius Gudžius competed at his hometown in Kaunas in a freezing weather (4 deg C). This did not stop the young Lithuanian of throwing a new PB of 67.38m.

Andrius previous PB was 66.11m from season 2014. 67.38m gives him 2nd position at the world season list. Only Fedrick Dacres have thrown further this season - 68.88m.

andrew evans

Young American thrower Andrew Evans opened his 2017 season with a World Championships qualifier 65.38m. This gives him 5th position at the world season list.

Sam Mattis was 2nd with 63.38m, followed by Niklas Arrhenius 61.76m, Jared Schuurmans 61.70m, Rodney Brown 61.50m and Mario Cota 60.83m.

fedrick dacres

World Season Leader Fedrick Dacres competed this weekend at UWI Mona Invitational meet in Kingston and won the meet with 66.38m. Dacres aso won the men shot put with new PB 19.78m.

Dacres has competed this season already 5 times and the highlights are 2 National Records of 68.87m in January and 68.88m on early February.

F. Dacres 1

Fedrick Dacres competed this weekend at Excelsior High School stadium in Kingston and won the meet with new Jamaican Nationa Record and World Lead 68.88m.

Dacres started the competition with 64.97m, followed by 65.80m, 66.83m and 65.10m. Then he had his third best throw ever 67.10m in the 5th round. But the show was over, as on the 6th round the fast Jamaican had the thrw of his lifetime - 68.88m is the new Jamaican record and World Lead. Second was Travis Smikle with 61.98m and third Chad Wright 58.50m.

68.88m gives Fedrick 41st position at Discus all-time best results, just passing Jarred Rome 68.76m and Daniel Stahl 68.72m.



Best throws in 2017

1 Daniel Stahl 71.29
2 Andrius Gudzius 69.21
Fedrick Dacres
4 Mason Finley 68.03
5 Philip Milanov 67.05
6 Robert Urbanek 66.73
7 Lois M Martinez 66.67
8 Andrew Evans 66.61
9 L Wesshaidinger 66.52


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