Piotr Malachowski won yesterday his 9th National Title with 64.15m. He was followed by Robert Urbanek, who was close to beat Malachowski - achieving 63.69. Third was Wojciech Praczyk 60.41.

Robert Harting 2

Robert Harting won his 8th national title yesterday in Ulm with 66.67m. Competition was held in rain - that is one reason why Harting skipped his last two throws.


Andrius Gudzius won this weekend his second national title with 63.03m. He was followed by a legend himself - Virilijus Alekna with 61.43. Third position Aleksas Abromavicus 58.96m

malachowski 14

Piotr Malachowski won a meet held yesterday in Cetniewo with 65.76m. Second was Robert Urbanek 63.61m and third Ehsan Hadadi 61.71m.

Malachowski 2

Diamond Race continued today in Monaco and Piotr Malachowski won the meet with 65.84m. He was follosed by Jorge Fernandez 65.46m and Gerd Kanter with a new season best of 64.98m.

DiamondRace HandTrophy

Diamond League Herculis is held tomorrow (18th) in Monaco and discus throwers continue the Diamond Race. Start list includes many big names, also young and upcoming stars.

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Best throws in 2018

1 Daniel Stahl 69.72
2 Fedrick Dacres 69.67
3 Andrus Gudzius 69.59
4 Lukas Weisshaidinger 68.98
5 Ehsan Hadadi 68.85
6 Reggie Jaggers 68.61
7 Traves Smikle 67.72
8 Christoph Harting 67.59
9 Mason Finley 67.06
10 Martin Wierig 66.98


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