Daniel Stahl Oslo 68.06mWorld Championships in London started today and men discus throwers took the center stage. It was a very high-level discus qualification, as the 12th result was 63.23.
World Leader Daniel Stahl won the qualification with 67.64m and Andrius Gudzius was second 67.01m. They were followed by the experienced guys Robert Harting 65.32m and Piotr Malachowski 65.13.

Gerd Kanter threw 63.61m and that gave him 9th position and chance to fight in the final tomorrow.

Andrijus Gudzius

Andrius Gudzius competed last week at Lithuanian Championships and won the title with high-level 68.04m throw from the last round. Gudzius also had 67.09m throw in the series. Congratulations!

Daniel Stahl2016

Season 2017 World Lead thrower Daniel Stahl competed today in Karlstad Sweden where he won the meet with a last round 67.26m. Daniel also had 66.07m, 65.47m, 65.35m and 64.11m throws in the series. Second was Niklas Arrhenius 62.80m and third David Wrobel 61.20m.

Fedrick Dacres 2017
Jamaican Fedrick Dacres competed last night in Jamaica and won the meet with another 68m throw from this season - 68.30m.

Some other great results we have not been covering - Daniel Stahl won Swedish Club Championships on th July with high-level 67.59m. And of course the very tight higi-level Diamond League meet in London - Daniel Stahl 66.73m, Fedrick Dacres 66.66m and Philip Milanov 66.65.

Daniel Stahl Oslo 68.06m
Young Swedish thrower Daniel Stahl won Sollentuna GP today in Sweden with a massive 71.29m. This is a new Swedish Record, which was beaten by 3cm (previous record was by Ricky Bruch 71.26m in 1984). This is also the longest throw since 4 years in the world and gives Daniel 9th best discus thrower title in the event history. Congratulations to Daniel and his coach Vesteinn.

Robert Urbanek was today second with SB 66.67m and third was Niklas Arrhenius 63.37.

robert harting

Robert Harting won the European Athletics Team Championships in Lille with new Season Best of 66.30m. Robert Urbanek was second with also Season Best 66.25m. They were followed by Lolasson Djouhan 64.35m and Erik Cadee 62.22m.

Daniel Stahl won the European Athletics Team Championships 1st league in rainy Vaasa with 66.41m, he was followed by Philip Milanov 63.27m and Sven Martin Skagestad 61.35m.

Lukas Weisshaidinger won the European Athletics Team Championships 2nd league in Tel Aviv with 65.66m, Andrius Gudzius was 2nd with 65.21m and third was Apostolos Pareliis 63.49m.

World Lead thrower Fedrick Dacres won the Jamaican National Championships in Kingston with 66.52m.

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Best throws in 2018

1 Ehsan Hadadi 68.85
2 Lukas Weisshaidinger 68.21
3 Fedrick Dacres 68.20
4 Daniel Stahl 68.03
5 Traves Smikle 67.72
6 Sam Mattis 66.29
7 Simon Pettersson 65.81
Reggie Jaggers
9 Matthew Denny 64.67
10 Daniel Jasinski 63.77


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