robert harting

Robert Harting won today Werfer-Cup 2014 with a new world lead result of 67.46m. Second was Martin Wierig 66.59m and third Daniel Jasinski with a new PB 65.98.

Malachowski 2

Diamond Race started today in Doha, where 9 big guys were challenging each other. Piotr Malachowski ruled the field with all 6 throws over 65m. Best result came from 2nd round - 66.72m, just 17cm missing from this season world lead result (Daniel Stahl 66.89m).

discus picture

The Diamond Race among men discus throwers starts tomorrow in Doha. Start list includes many big names - Gerd Kanter, Piotr Malachowski, Ehsan Hadadi etc. Competition starts 17:30PM local time.

Daniel 34

Young Swedish thrower Daniel Ståhl threw a new World Lead 66.89m at Stece Scott Invitational in Irvine. Daniel has improved his personal best for 2 times already this season - on 24th of April he threw 64.30m in Chula Vista

Kanter 14 pressikas 1

Olympic Champion Gerd Kanter had today a press conference about his competition season 2014.


Virgilijus Alekna opened his 2014 season in Vilnius with 64.70m. This is a remarkable result, as Virgilijus Alekna is now the only athlete in the world who has thrown 20 seasons over 64m (1994 and 1996-2014).



Best throws in 2017

Fedrick Dacres
2 Daniel Stahl 68.36
3 Andrius Gudzius 67.62
4 Lois M Martinez 66.67
5 Andrew Evans 66.61
6 L Wesshaidinger 66.52
7 Gerd Kanter 65.87
8 Andrew Evans 65.61
9 Piotr Malachowski 65.41
10 Mason Finley 65.34


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