Ludvik Danek Memorial was held today in Turnov - world season 2014 leader Piotr Malachowski won the meet with a last round 67.26m. Second was Martin Wierig with 65.54m and third Robert Urbanek 63.91m.

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15th Memorial Ludvik Danek will be held tomorrow 27th May in Turnov. Start list includes season 2014 world leader Piotr Malchowski, Olymoic Champions Virgilijus Alekna and Gerd Kanter, Martin Wierig, Robert Urbanek, Christoph Harting, Jan Marcel, David Wrobel and young Czech throwers.

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Piotr Malachowski and Gerd Kanter had a duel today in Wroclaw, Poland. Competition was stopped for 90 minutes after 3 rounds due to heavy rain. Gerd Kanter threw his season best in 6th round 63.54m and took the lead, but Piotr Malachowski had a response - 64.36m and a win with difficult circumstances. Robert Urbanek was third with 61.04m.

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Piotr Malachowski will host Olympic Champion Gerd Kanter in Wroclaw Poland. Discus ring is placed on a boat and it is 57m to the shore. So good luck guys - don´t loose your discs.

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Martin Maric won an OTC meet in Chula Vista with a new Croatian Record of 67.92m. This exceeds the previous Croatian record by 72cm (Roland Varga in 2010).


Piotr Malachowski won Hallesche Werfertage with a new world lead result of 69.28m. Second was Robert Harting with a new season best 68.28m, third Martin Wierig 66.02m.



Best throws in 2017

Fedrick Dacres
2 Daniel Stahl 68.36
3 Andrius Gudzius 67.62
4 Lois M Martinez 66.67
5 Andrew Evans 66.61
6 L Wesshaidinger 66.52
7 Gerd Kanter 65.87
8 Andrew Evans 65.61
9 Piotr Malachowski 65.41
10 Mason Finley 65.34


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